From the ancient deserts of the Arabian Peninsula evolved the oldest known breed of riding horse: the Arabian. Now one of the most popular breeds in the world, the Arabian’s incredible energy, intelligence and gentle disposition allow enthusiasts to excel in most equine sports and activities.

Within gently rolling sand dunes in the beautiful desert of Saudi Arabia, and specifically in the western part of Riyadh, Athbah Farm is home to a carefully chosen collection of Arabian horses, including a distinguished collection of Saudi pedigree called the “Desert Breed”, bred and nurtured within the enclosures of Athbah Stud, whose pedigrees are considered rare to find in this day and age.

Owned by Athbah Stud Co. Ltd, since 2003, Athbah Stud has risen in stature and credibility to further promote the prominence of the Arabian breed, and embarked on a quest to make its mark in the equestrian arena of the world. And, in the attempt to further enhance the credibility of its livestock, Athbah Stud has made sure that its horses are duly registered with WAHO (World Arabian Horse Organization), as those pedigrees are considered to be among the best in the world. Today, Athbah’s Arabian horses spend as much time on the trail as they do at horse shows and other competitive events, and strive to forever rise to the challenge of attaining the stature of champions and reserve champions.

When tackling the breeding techniques at the stud, we cannot help but recall that over the centuries, the tribes in the Arabian Peninsula fervently maintained the purity of the breed with limited resources. Breeding methods were extremely selective, which eventually evolved the Arabian into becoming a prized possession throughout the world. Following into the footsteps of the ancients, and adapting their expertise, Athbah incorporates a wide strategy of bloodlines, by following a breeding programme which includes world renowned prominent pedigrees, with the best modern techniques and most qualified veterinary supervision.

Athbah’s vision encompasses, making its services as comprehensive as possible. Athbah will strive to turn its establishment into a diversified amphitheatre to include services such as veterinary, wholesale equestrian equipment, pharmaceuticals, insurance, logistics, laboratory for insemination services, and retail services connected with the sale of horses. Athbah is also keen to include organizing horse events such as racing, race meetings, horse jumping, dressage, endurance and shows, as part of its vision.

To further elucidate the legend of this farmstead, the objective of Athbah is to bring back and revive the history of the illustrious Arabian horse. Athbah’s goal in participating in such various events is not only to win, but to also to raise the awareness and educate the public about relating issues, such as breeding methodologies and new techniques in nutrition technology, and, also seeks to enlighten enthusiasts by bringing forth various formulae for the different processes involved; such as the recycling of compost into natural fertilizers, and water treatments for ensuring the natural hydration systems.

In addition, Athbah Stud follows the ethos of “quality over quantity” by ensuring that a specific head count number is maintained. The exceeding numbers are always sold off at various auctions. Athbah’s strategy is to sustain the selected breeds for show, racing and breeding programmes, without creating an overstatement.

Furthermore, Athbah Stud’s participation in national and international events has placed it among the most select of establishments of its kind in the world. It participates in events ranging from beauty contests to flat races, and these span the Middle East, Europe, the UK and the USA. Thus, Athbah’s horses have emerged among the top winners, achieving trophies and distinctions. Furthermore, Athbah promotes the most distinguished of these events, and often sponsors them as well.